Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Horse Back Problems & Pain Identified Using Equine Thermography

If your horse starts to display uncharacteristic tendencies such as dipping, flinching or nipping when groomed or tacked-up, a poor or reduced performance, unevenness or unlevel gaits, is crooked to ride, carries his tail to one side, is disunited or bucking into canter or rearing or bucking when mounted, it may be due to pain under saddle.
Equine Thermography can pinpoint where any issues are, allowing your chosen professional to administer a course of treatment targeted at this spot, and for you to see the results. Follow-up sessions can ensure your horse returns to work at the optimal time, and allow you to easily and graphically monitor the treatment progress.

Most bad backs in horses are actually a secondary problem. Equine Thermography can help to identify the seat of the primary cause, so this can also be rectified.

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